07/2017,   Cruising World, "Hail Kale"

07/2017,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Accidental Captain"

05/2017,   Cruising World, "Red Right Return"

04/2017,   Cruising World, "Slow Down in Tonga"

04/2017,   Cruising World, "A Polarizing View"

02/2017,   Cruising World, "Still Riding the Swell"

12/2016,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Sailing Into Retirement"

07/2016,   Cruising World, "Got Cauliflower?"

07/2016,   Cruising World, "Green Wakes: The Shadow Test"

06/2016,   SAIL, "Bay Tripping"

05/2016,   Cruising World, "Green Wakes: Sunscreen that's Safe for Coral"

03/2016,   Good Old Boat, "Scent of a Good Old Boat"

03/2016,   Good Old Boat, "The Sailbag Beanbag"

02/2016,   Cruising World, "Sailing Into Paradise"

02/2016,   Cruising World, "Anchoring Among Coral"

12/2015,   Cruising World, "You Can Go Back"

11/2015,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Canvas Flying, Seagulls Crying"

11/2015,   Cruising World, "Cruising the Cities"

10/2015,   Cruising World, "Underway: Child's Play?"

10/2015,   Cruising World, "Hunting for the Kids Fleet" (Voyaging with Kids book excerpt)

09/2015,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Casting Off"

05/2015,   Cruising World, "Green Wakes: Where Grays Go"

04/2015,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Blown Away"

03/2015,   Cruising World, "Green Wakes: From Sea to Farm and Back"

03/2015,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Hostage: Kidnapped on the High Seas"

12/2014,   Cruising World, "The Fury of Odile"

12/2014,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Sailing Down the Mountain"

10/2014,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Sextant"

09/2014,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Sea Trails"

09/2014,   Good Old Boat, Cover Photo

08/2014,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Best Anchorages of the Inside Passage"

Del Viento in Alaska's
Glacier Bay
07/2014,   Cruising World, "Waypoint: Dundas Island"

07/2014,   SAIL, "When Kim Rowed Over"

06/2014,   Cruising World, "Green Wakes: Tsunami Trash"

06/2014,   Cruising World, "Book Review: Washed Up"

05/2014,   Good Old Boat, "What's in a Boat's Name"

03/2014,   Cruising World, "Chatterbox Falls"

03/2014,   Good Old Boat, "Swiftsure"

02/2014,   Blue Water Sailing, "Blue Horizons: Victoria, BC"

02/2014,   Cruising World, "Catalina 38: Fine Lines and Long Legs"

01/2014,    Good Old Boat, "Made In Japan"
Del Viento in Canada's
Princess Louisa Inlet

01/2014,    Good Old Boat, Cover Photo

12/2013,    SAIL, "The Complete Guide to Caring for a Cruiser"

12/2013,    Pacific Yachting, "Lasqueti: A Different Kind of Gulf Island"

11/2013,    Blue Water Sailing, "Blue Horizons: Isla Isabel"

09/2013,    SAIL, "Prepare Sushi On Board"

09/2013,    Ocean Navigator, "An Ocean Ill-Defined"

09/2013,    Cruising World, "Forward Snail Mail"

08/2013,    Pacific Yachting, "You're Tougher Than You Think"

07/2013,    Cruising World, "Water Dances"

06/2013,    SAIL, "Voice of Experience: Blown Away"

06/2013,    Cruising World, "Reading Lights: Use Less"

06/2013,    Yachting Monthly, "The Grandmother Who's Sailing Around the World Solo"

05/2013,    Blue Water Sailing, "Blue Horizons: San Simeon"

05/2013,    Cruising World, "Routes to the Sailing Life"

04/2013,    Pacific Yachting, "Reconsider Your Rode"

Annual,      Ocean Voyager, "Bluewater Gear" (Interview)

03/2013,    Monday Magazine, "The Night Stippler"

03/2013,    Ocean Navigator, "Balancing Speed With Fuel Consumption"

03/2013,    Cruising World, "Fantasia 35, Full-Bodied Voyager"

02/2013,    Pacific Yachting, "True Grit"

01/2013,    Cruising World, "New Twist: Ice-Cube Trays That Don't Spill"

12/2012,    Cruising World, "Green Wakes: Extending the Life of Zinc Anodes"

11/2012,    Cruising World, "Book Review: South To Alaska"

10/2012,   Cruising World (online), "Electric Outboard Eliminates Mess"

08/2012,   Cruising World,  "Fuji 40, A Pedigreed World Cruiser"
02/2012,   Latitude 38,  "A Whale of a Tale"
02/2011,   GetRichSlowly.org, "Sailing Away From the American Dream"

08/2010,   Cruising World,  "Newport 27, A Spacious LittleCoastal Cruiser"
07/2009,   Blue Water Sailing,  "Blue Horizons: Islas San Benitos"

04/2009,   GetRichSlowly.org, "Direct Stock Purchase Plans: A Better Way to Invest"

02/2009,   Blue Water Sailing,  "Blue Horizons: Islas Espiritu Santos"
11/2007,   SAIL,  "Sailing to a New Life"

02/2007,   Mothering,  "You Want to Give Birth Where?"
08/2003,   Latitude 38,  "Finding Crew"

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